Reiki or Massage Therapy services are generally $40 - $80 an hour in most areas. However, when it comes to healthcare services the associated cost can be much higher. Alonda wants to help everyone that she can and pricing her services on an hourly basis means some of those who need her the most will not be able to afford the cost. With this in mind, Alonda offers her services on a donation basis. The suggested donation is $50 an hour but you are free to pay whatever you are comfortable with.

Spiritual Touch

Spiritual Touch sessions are, in general, very relaxing. You will not be required to disrobe or wear a "towel", though you should wear loose fitting clothing. Your only requirement during the session is to relax and be willing to share anything that might come up while in session. Of course, as a registered minister, anything you tell me will remain confidential.

Sessions range from 1/2 hour to 1 1/2 hour. Longer is not necessarily better and if you will only be charged for the session time that is actually used. Always follow your intuition when deciding how much time you would like. The same goes for your preparation for the session. Your body knows what it needs and will give you guidance, you just need to listen.

Due to a physical back injury, Alonda cannot accept appointments at this time.

Life Coach

Life coaching sessions involve Alonda's use of her other spiritual gifts. These may include what is commonly called "automatic writing", channeling, or simply intuitive counseling. This is not a psychic session where a medium tells you your future or offers to solve all your love problems for extra payment. The first instance is not possible, your future is not fixed and changes constantly. The second instance should be a warning flag to anyone seeking non-traditional coaching on life's issues. Anyone that tries to insert themselves in a position of authority over you, ie., tries to get you to give them your power, does not have your best interest at heart. Stay Away! As always, follow your own intuition. If you feel drawn to this form of service then there is probably something in it for you. However, be assured that you will not be told what you "want to hear". This is meant to be a growing session and hearing only what you want seldom leads to growth.

Due to a physical back injury, Alonda cannot accept appointments at this time.


Natural Stress Relief

Quantum Touch

Spiritual Touch

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