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The mint poultice that she suggested has helped immensely with the carpal tunnel pain in my wrist. No need for daily pain pills or other medicines. If the pain starts coming back I just make and apply the poultice and within a couple of days the pain is gone again.

- Damon

Amazing experience. Alonda has helped me with my stress levels , better sleep and healthier living.

- Roberta

I had a wonderful experience. I feel 10 x better after having Alonda lay hands on me. WONDERFUL!

- Jimmie Staley

I have really enjoyed having energy work with Alonda. It is both relaxing and healing. I would often feel a relief or painful areas as well as a sensation of peace and relaxation. I would recommend her services for both physical and emotional well-being.

- Sandra Krasojevic

I came in with a stiff neck and shoulders. During the session, i could feel heat and energy moving. After she was done my neck and shoulders were more relaxed. The pain was not completely gone but they did feel much better.

- Felicia

Absolutely DIVINE! Alonda's energy is very pronounced and felt in a way only she is able to deliver. I've had sessions with other practitioners before but Alonda's are truly one of a kind. Her divine gift encapsulates her quintessential self and when experienced during the session it is truly felt in a very pronounced yet indescribable way. Before my session today I felt a lot of heaviness in my chest where I tend to internalize my stress. Alonda was able to tap into it intuitively and re-balance my energy so much so that my breathing improved and I felt balanced and in harmony again. I could actually feel her energy affecting the areas that required attention and that proves the integrity of her work. Alonda is the real deal. Do Not Miss Out!

- Vlad Krasojevic


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