Healing Through Energy Work

Energy work is a growing field involving physical and spiritual health. Reiki is probably the most well known of these techniques, but there are others such as Quantum-Touch, Healing Touch, and Jin Shin Jyutsu to name a few. All of these techniques involve the manipulation, redirecting, or clearing of the body's "energy" pathways and fields. This energy is known as "Chi" to the Chinese and it is of central importance to many of their ancient healing arts. Nowadays, the idea of this spiritual energy, or Chi, can be a bit foreign. In our modern world we tend to see things in a separated way.

"If there is some kind of energy flowing through us then where does it come from?" "Is it sent to us from God, Budda, Yahweh, or Allahu?" "Does it exist at all?"

Well, the nature of the universe makes all truths possible. Alonda has no need to force any particular view on anyone. Her personal belief is that we are all spirit or beings of pure energy. This energy is not something that we have, it is who we are. In fact, it is the nature of the entire universe. "Uni" - meaning one. "Verse" - rhythmic poem or song. Our "song" is what Alonda can hear when she touches a client. She listens to this song and, wherever there is discord, she uses her own energy to bring it into harmony once more.

Sometimes, while performing this service, Alonda will receive messages from the body as to needs it may have, such as the need for more water or for more time spent in the early morning sun. Please understand that Alonda is not a medical practitioner and has no license to practice medicine. However, she feels that she must be true to her personal, spiritual faith and that includes passing along any such messages that she receives. If you feel so inclined, you should consult a medical professional before following any such advice.

"What is expected of me during the session?"

There are no expectations placed upon you. The most important thing is that you follow your own intuition. If you schedule a session and then find yourself feeling "pulled" towards eating more fruit before hand then that is what you should do. Your intuition is the physical manifestation of your connection to the "uni-verse".

Nothing happens to you, everything happens for you ...

- Alonda

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