Alonda's Story

Alonda has always been drawn to the more spiritual side of life, but it was more the mystery of it that drew her at an early age. At the age of eleven, she saw her departed grandmother come into her room and sit quietly on the foot of her bed, saying only, "It will be okay". This preceded a very traumatic event that, to this day, Alonda is not willing to share with the public. The next time her grandmother appeared she said nothing, but Alonda's other grandmother passed away only three days later. This pattern continued on throughout Alonda's childhood and continues to this day to act as a warning of things to come.

Alonda's first adventures into an active spiritual life began out of curiosity. She was having a discussion with her husband about a spiritual medium who was communicating with spirits through automatic writing. Her husband told her that he thought she could do it and challenged her to try. Always one for a game, Alonda picked up a notebook and placed a pencil upon the paper. Almost immediately, her hand began to move and words were scribbled across the page. She wrote for nearly two minutes and when she was finished she was astonished by what she had written. The writing claimed to be from a spirit guide named Gavin and that he had been waiting a long time for her to make contact. This writing became a means for her to deal with the traumas of her childhood. Gavin offered insight into her emotional being, giving advice and wisdom that was not always easily accepted.

Alonda first heard about Reiki in late 2003. It was something that immediately peaked her interest. She found Reiki Master Theodore Brunell in Wilsonville, Oregon and achieved her Reiki Level 1 in May of 2004 while studying under him. Alonda was very excited by the idea of helping others with this new found methodology. At the same time, her conversations with Gavin to a turn towards living a healthier lifestyle. That was something that Alonda found very difficult to follow. Her childhood had all the usual diet patterns of modern day America, with lots of sugar, carbohydrates, and meat. She fought the changes that were being suggested, feeling that they were unfair or just "wrong". She would do just fine without them.

In November of 2004, her family left Oregon and returned to Alabama. There they started anew in a new house and a new town. Alonda still conversed with Gavin and used her Reiki abilities only on her family. Her first glimpse of what might become possible came when she was helping her husband. He had been diagnosed as gluten sensitive two years before and was constantly suffering from abdominal pain and bloody stools. He tried to follow the gluten free diet but found it to be exceptionally difficult. One night, while laying in bed, he grabbed his wife's hands and placed the on his abdomen, "Please, see what you can do."

Alonda began performing energy work but she found she was not performing the traditional "Reiki" that she had been taught. She felt drawn to placing her hands on him and when she did she could "hear" the disharmony within. She played with the energy, seeing if she could change it in some way. She found she could use her own energy, her own "song", to help his energy harmonize. She also received a message, and it was this: "Cut two fresh tomatoes into quarters and scrape the seeds and pulp into a glass and drink it. Do this every night for four nights."

Alonda was a bit shocked by this but faithfully passed it along. Her husband was somewhat skeptical, as you can imagine. After all, the doctors could only suggest a gluten-free diet as a means of treating this illness. He did trust his wife, however, and decided to try this "prescription". To his amazement, after four nights the pain was gone! Now, he was not "cured" and he found that he did have to use the tomato seed prescription a few more times over the next year when the pain would flare up, but that was in 2008. He has not had to use it again since that time and still eats bread, cake and other such yummies to this day.

With such a powerful show of where her abilities might go, one would think that would be enough to get Alonda moving along the path of a more spiritual diet. That was not the case, however, as Alonda's stubbornness was also well known. It wasn't until she received a powerful message while meditating that she became willing to change. That message was that she would be dead before her youngest child reached the age of ten if she did not start on the path that she had chosen for herself. It was a slap that woke her from her spiritual slumber.

Today, Alonda no longer consumes any sugar or pork. Her diet of carbohydrates and meat has transformed into a diet of more living foods. She is not a vegan nor a vegetarian but follows a diet that limits the intake of foods low in living energy. As she has done this she had found her abilities awakening and her desire to help others has grown even stronger.

Please note that Alonda is not a licensed medical practitioner and does not claim to be a doctor. Any message that she might receive during the session is not to be construed as "Medical Advice". The term "Prescription" is used here in only a very loose way. Alonda does not and would not prescribe medications.

Nothing happens to you, everything happens for you ...

- Alonda

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