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Experience the essence of nurturing

Feel the incredible warmth and loving energy as Alonda helps you to align body, mind and spirit.

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Incredible Hands On Energy Work

Alonda's natural born talents flow in line with the eastern philosophies of "Chi" and the natural energy pathways of the body. She has found that she can "hear" the bodies energy and can use her own to help the energy of another achieve harmony.

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Harmony Within


Energy work is a growing field involving physical and spiritual health. Reiki is probably the most well known of these techniques, but there are others such as Quantum Touch, Healing Touch and Jin Shin Jyutsu to name a few. All of these techniques involve the manipulation and redirecting of the body's "energy" pathways and fields. Alonda uses parts of all of these techniques in her work, but her methodology is more intuitive in nature. She can "hear" the energy of the body and finds areas that are out of harmony with the rest. She then uses her own energy to harmonize with the clients and then gently guide it back into harmony with the rest of the body.


Spiritual Touch Therapy

Sessions range from fifteen to ninety minutes. It is your choice. A longer session will not necessarily give better results. If Alonda feels that she has done all that she can before your purchased time has expired, she will gladly refund the appropriate amount.

Know Yourself

Life Coach

As part of her spiritual connection, Alonda also has abilities to communicate with spirit to help you find your way when things seem dark and confusing. These include channeling, automatic writing, and direct communication with spirit guides.


Natural Stress Relief

Quantum Touch

Spiritual Touch

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